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One of Asia’s biggest artists – J.Fla is a multi-talented writer/vocalist hailing from Seoul, Korea and originally signed to Sony Music Publishing in Japan. J.Fla’s passion for music is evident, and her dedication has seen her chart consistently across many asian and global streaming markets for the last 18 months.

J.Fla has penned many hits for acclaimed artists, including the highly successful American-born Japanese artist Ito Yuna. Since signing to Ostereo in August 2016, J.Fla’s channels have seen enormous growth.

Today, J.Fla has amassed over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, 680k followers on Facebook and 545k followers on Instagram – and Counting! Her unmistakable voice and hypnotic brand is now generating over 110 million streams/plays monthly and has a vast, growing, dedicated fanbase in Asia and, more recently, the USA (go The Gardeners!). She is putting the finishing touches to her new material, so watch this space!


Those Who Ride With Giants


While the ‘band’ is really just one man – Sydney, Australia’s illustrator/animator/instrumental art rocker MJ Callaghan – the multi-layered instrumentation and spacious atmospherics make these performances feel and sound like a live band.

TWRWG’s first two releases generated significant support from the likes of Spotify and Apple Music tastemakers, which has prompted the formation of a live band, and the guys are in the process of booking their first run of dates.

A cumulative 9 million streams on Spotify and a highly engaged fanbase in China has made TWRWG one to watch for 2019, and Ostereo are thrilled to be working with them!



Melbourne-based band BTWN US (comprising of brothers Adrian and Daniel Juric and Nathan McCreanor) have recently released their first single ‘The Shame’ from their latest original EP.

Within the first few months of their previous single release, BTWN US charted in the top 40 on iTunes, with the track generating over 150k spins on Spotify and being viewed by fans all over the world through their hugely popular YouTube channel.

Their unmistakeable pop sound has already made a significant mark on the scene, amassing the over 46k monthly listeners on Spotify, 52k subscribers on YouTube and committed live audiences. Watch BTWN US space throughout 2019!

“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid” – Frank Zappa

Our Mission

"We build careers in music by investing in talent."

Our Founder


Howard Murphy

Founder / Ostereo

"We combine music, technology and data to break artists all over the world. Talent always comes first, we just add to it at the right time."

Howard Murphy

An experienced musician himself, Howard originally founded Amurco – A sync and licensing company working with productions, brands and broadcasters in over 40 territories worldwide.

Following Amurco’s success, Howard launched Ostereo to find talent a fairer deal, breaking traditional music industry models and building sustainable careers for artists.

Now, 2 years on, Ostereo has amassed over 3 billion views, hundreds of millions of streams and secured high value brand opportunities in multiple territories.

Looking to the future, Ostereo continues to be a music industry disruptor, and establish new ways to achieve success for its artists using current platforms.

Driven by a creative team of music professionals.

Key Team

From our accounting wizards to our music marketeers, each member of the Ostereo team plays an integral role in ensuring the smooth running of all releases and success of each artist campaign. With a core team of over 20 music and media professionals, Ostereo co-ordinates its campaigns with on the ground teams throughout America, Europe, South America & Asia. This approach gives us the flexibility of an independent and the capability of a major.

Ostereo’s team has been carefully selected to most effectively target the diverse trends and practices of today’s music industry. That being said, Ostereo likes to do things differently, and we always take a pragmatic approach to our position in the industry by using a combination of traditional marketing and cutting-edge tech to create a palpable buzz around key releases.
From traditional marketers and social media buffs, to discerning playlisters and tastemakers, Ostereo’s people are well-positioned to sign the right talent and generate new audiences for them.


We are currently growing our team of experts, so if you are passionate about the music industry and think you have what it takes click here.

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